Whether as a one off or part of our managed services, our MySQL Health Check and Review is an ideal way to ensure the availability and uptime of your systems.

If you are a CIO, IT Manager, or Database Administrator, you will receive support and guidance to help you increase efficiency, maximize uptime, and reduce costs.

We work through a comprehensive list of checks that has been constructed over many years of running clients’ database systems.

Security Audit

  • Ensure your server is properly secured and your customers are protected.
  • Document all security exposures and risks to your data.


  • Identify errors, common problems and mistakes.

Performance Tuning

  • Remove bottlenecks, optimise and simplify structures to speed up database operations.
  • Review hardware, server and network settings.

Disaster Recovery

  • Evaluate, test and document current readiness for the worst to happen.
  • Update disaster recovery plan.

Report Back

  • Provide a full report detailing concerns, remedial action and improvements.