Free Database System Consultation

We wouldn’t buy anything without first fully discussing and agreeing our requirements and we wouldn’t expect you to either.

Excellent communication with our clients (and prospective clients) is a priority for us.

We are always happy to visit you to fully understand your requirements and provide a budget cost and outline program (See How We Work section). If initially all you require is a budget cost, then of course we are always willing to discuss your requirements over the phone and provide an approximate idea of the cost.

Before asking our clients to make any commitment we always provide a complete plan of the scope, schedule and cost of the database.

Once you Become a Client……

Once an order has been placed, working closely with you we will produce a system specification.

Next a preliminary version of the software will be produced. This will not be fully functional, but will include a basic framework allowing you to see how the solution will be structured and what it will look like.

This will be followed by updates to keep you posted on the progress of the system.

Training & development will proceed in tandem to assist the learning process on both sides and to ensure at all stages the system will have all the functionality required.

This approach to development has a number of advantages, and allows you to:

  • Influence the design at all stages
  • Correct any misunderstandings at an early stage
  • Check that we are keeping to the agreed timescale
  • Ensures that, the solution we deliver is the same or better than the one that you were originally expecting