Initial Consultation

We are always happy to visit our prospective clients to fully understand your requirements and provide a budget cost and outline program. If initially all you require is a budget cost, then of course we are always willing to discuss your requirements over the phone and provide an approximate idea of the cost.

Initial Requirements Report (Usually ½ to 1 day onsite)

  • Talking to users about their roles, responsibilities and the current system (15-30 minutes each)
  • Discussion with a small group of relevant users and managers about the objectives and requirements of the new system
  • Assessment of current data
  • Assessment of current IT infrastructure and suitability for hosting the new system

This report provides an overview of the current situation and defines ambitious objectives for the new system. This will form the basis, requirements and direction for the full system specification.

Full System Specification (1-2 days onsite)

  • Further interviews with users and managers
  • A detailed look at the functionality and current data structure of the current system
  • Full Appraisal of the transfer of data to new system from old system
  • Data structure (what data will be collected and how it fits together)
  • Sections, features and functionality required of the new system
  • Security specification (user groups, authentication, encryption, monitoring and auditing)
  • Timetable (development timeline, progress meeting schedule and project milestones)
  • Testing and training requirements and timetable

The system specification will give you a definite price for development including a discount for the cost of the specification. Maintenance and support is usually 10-15% of the development cost annually giving telephone, email support and minor updates subject to a fair use agreement.