Database Optimisation

If you’ve already developed a custom database solution, but you are experiencing data reliability and/or application performance problems, CDE can help you discover the root cause of the problems and provide solutions that meet your budget requirements and business needs.

Has the person who developed your database left the company? Are you dissatisfied with your current consultant? Do you need some additional database fields, tables, queries or reports? We can support, update, convert and troubleshoot an existing database at a reasonable cost with rapid turnaround and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Perhaps you have a small database that you want to develop yourself but you are having trouble getting started. Or, maybe you just want to have someone to call when you get stuck on a problem and you don’t want to search the message boards for a possible solution. We can provide you the assistance you need to get you started developing your database or to get you going when you come across a problem. We will only be a phone call or Email away from a quick answer and the cost will be very reasonable.

No matter how well a system was originally designed, it will always need maintenance from time to time. CDE Systems offer a troubleshooting and optimisation service to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. Our skilled consultants analyse the performance of your system using specialist tools, and then actions are taken to optimise the system based on how you are using it. This can make significant improvements to the speed of the system.

We will provide you with a ful report outlining the issues that were identified, the actions that were taken, and the benefits that were gained from them.

This is available as a one-off service, or as part of our management and maintenance service.